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Scoring issue - Standard and Standard PPR

Standard and Standard PPR had offensive and defensive interception scoring reversed (+3 for throwing one, -2 for receiving one). Scores have been corrected retroactively, and some week 1 matchup results may have changed. I apologize for any gloating which will need to be reversed.

In addition, I've discovered that players do not benefit from defensive touchdowns. This is a limitation of the underlying API. I may be able to fix this in the future, but there's no fix for now.

Nightly maintenance

Site maintenance (including waiver processing and end of week tasks) occurs daily at 8am eastern time. Site access will be limited while maintenance occurs.

CFL Headlines

Riders win back-and-forth battle against Argos

The Saskatchewan Roughriders came out on top against the Toronto Argonauts in an exciting 30-29 battle on Saturday night to overtake the Edmonton Eskimos for second place in the West division.

Ottawa kicks out Edmonton in Week 15 win

The REDBLACKS offence got to work right away, as Trevor Harris and Greg Ellingson connected for a 21-yard gain which led to a Lewis Ward field goal.

Stamps, CFL mourn death of Mike Labinjo

CALGARY — The CFL and the Calgary Stampeders mourn the loss of Mike Labinjo. The Stampeders released the follow statement on Saturday: It is with great sadness the Stampeders learn of the death of alumnus Mike Labinjo. He was 38. “We are deeply saddened to learn of Mike’s death,” said Stampeders president and general manager […]