Frequently asked questions

Why are quarterbacks and running backs limited to 1 per team? Can my league avoid this limit?

Quarterbacks, running backs and kickers are hard-limited to 1 per team to keep rosters balanced. With only 9 teams (and therefore 9 starters) available, it would be possible for teams to stockpile key position players on their bench in order to limit their opponent's options. Also of note is that in some weeks, three teams will be on bye, further limiting the pool.

This hard limit can only be exceeded if the player is placed on an inactive reserve (bye or IR). Use of the IR (which is honor-system based) may be an option for leagues which want to allow more of these players to be owned (but not started).

How does the bye reserve work?

Bye reserve allows managers to stash players that are on bye for the week, temporarily allowing them to exceed roster limits.

Once the week has ended and a player is no longer on bye, he must be dropped removed from the reserve before other roster additions can be made.

How does the injury reserve work?

Injury reserve allows managers to stash players who are injured, temporarily allowing them to exceed roster limits.

Due to limitations of the source API, injury reserve state is not always updated in time to allow managers to make necessary changes, therefore, the IR is not officially limited to injuired players - any player can be put on IR at any time. League commissioners should ensure that this is not abused, within the rules of their own league.

How do player locks work?

Players are locked at the start of their game for the week. Once locked, players cannot be added, dropped or moved within the roster.

Players on bye for the week will be locked at the start of the last game of the week.

When do waivers start?

Waivers begin 24 hours after the end of the final game of the week.

When do waivers end?

Waivers end at 8AM the day before the first game of the next week. For example, if the first game of the week is on Thursday, waivers end Wednesday at 8:00am Eastern.

How do waivers work?

110 yards utilizes a waiver bidding system. Teams begin the season with $100 in waiver money. During the waiver period, all managers must place a bid to add players. At the end of the waiver period, the team with the highest bid will be awarded the player. In the event of a tie bid, the earliest bidder will win the bid.

Only successful bids will deduct from the manager's waiver budget.

What if I run out of waiver money?

You can always make bids, even with no budget remaining. At any time (budget or not), you may place bids of $0, which will win if no other managers have bid a higher amount.

Can I place bids if my roster is full?

Yes - the add player screen will force to to select a "drop player" if your roster is full when bidding. If you do not win the bid, the drop player will remain on your roster.

If you place multiple bids with the same drop player selected, only the first successful bid will be processed.

How can I change my team name?

You can change your team name from your team roster page - click your current team name, then click the edit icon next to the team name.

What can commissioners do?

Aside from creating and configuring the league, commissioners have write access to all teams in their league. Commissioners can therefore add, drop and move players for other managers within the league. Any roster moves performed by the commissioner must still follow the overall system rules (eg: locked players still cannot be moved).